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Ace documentation

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Create beautiful documentation for your projects with Ace for Hugo. Powered by Bootstrap and SASS, featuring must-have features such as syntax highlighting, copy-able code blocks, full search, a responsive layout and the power of Markdown to create your content.

Writing documentation has never been so easy.

Rich in features

Ace offers a variety of custom components and features which are a must-have for building project documentation. Code blocks are enriched with syntax highlighting and a copy button, allowing for your users to easily read your code and copy it into their project. Furthermore, a special version of the code block renders the HTML content in both the code block and on the page, giving your users a preview of what the code looks like.

Other shortcodes allow you to use Bootstrap components in your content, such as alerts, buttons, panels, collapse elements and more.

Full search allows your users to quickly find the content they require, and a responsive design makes your documentation available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Beautiful minimalist design

With a minimal design, the attention of users is focused on that which matters: your content.


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Good looks, lot of functionality, has all I need for my project

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