About us



We’re Vantage Design, a company located in the Netherlands with the goal of providing developers around the globe with useful resources for creating beautiful web applications. An advantage in web development, from us, to you.


Our passion for the web originates about 6 years ago when we started tinkering with HTML and CSS as a hobby. A hobby became a job and since then we’ve created many websites for equal as many happy customers, growing in experience with every project. 


Over time, we started to develop internal tools such as page templates, themes that extended Bootstrap with plugins and prebuilt components, and build tools such as GulpJS that process and minify SASS, JavaScript and images.


With Vantage Design, we want to share these internal tools with you and other developers all around the globe.

For developers, by developers.

As developers, we value clean, high quality code that just makes sense. Therefore, instead of reinventing the wheel, we use tools and code you already know and love, such as SASS and Bootstrap. 


Our design systems and templates extend and style this code rather than provide proprietary code and therefore has a high level of compatibility to your existing code and knowledge. And for the new things we’ve created, our documentation should help you provide you with all the required knowledge and examples.

Feature packed.

Our products are packed with useful features to get you started. Beautiful styling. A ton of components, such as buttons, alerts, modals, forms, cards, parallax, carousels, and more. Landing pages, error pages, login pages, you name it. Prebuilt content sections featuring your team, customer reviews, pricing, your projects, features, footers, and more.

At your service.

If you have any questions regarding our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.




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